Patient Forms

Easier = Healtheir

Financial Policy

The billing policy of PREventClinic facilitates billing and simplifies the bill payment process.  We partnered with InstaMed, a leading healthcare payments network, to securely save your credit/ debit card on file. We do not accept cash.


MyChart and Mobile

Communication Policy

We always seek to communicate with you efficiently and securely. The modes of communications shown to meet these objectives include the use of the patient portal (MyChart), mobile (text) messaging and voicemail messaging.  We may send appointment reminders, test results, prescription refills and billing communications through these modes.


Important patient information

Consent to Treatment

Please read this prior to your appointment to be prepared to endorse this electronically at check-in.



Privacy Policy

Under HIPAA, we may discuss your protected health information, including care or financial information with individuals involved in your care if you are not present or do not have the capacity to agree or object, if in the professional judgment of PREventClinic physician or other caregivers, we conclude that the disclosure is in your best interest.