Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver exceptional care in a personalized way that leverages technology to enhance the patient experience and to maintain the highest quality.  

PREventClinic is a full-service cardiology practice that focuses on PREvention and the complete well-being of each person.  We are a member of the Piedmont Clinic's integrated network, located in the city of Sandy Springs just north of downtown Atlanta.  We offer cardiac evaluations for those who want to PREvent heart and vascular disease and those who want to PREvent it from worsening.  We believe that technology, used properly, can enhance our health and the health of the environment.

PREventClinic is proud to use cost-saving technology to make your experience easier.   Our full suite of diagnostic services is also available to you á la carte.   We are also very pleased to offer counseling services, as well as wellness seminars and workshops.

Meet the PREventClinic Cardiology Team

Delivering exceptional care to all of our patients is our top priority.


Dr. Dave Montgomery

Dave Montgomery, M.D., Ph.D. received his medical degree from Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine,…

Ektaa Patel, NP-C

Ektaa Patel, NP-C is Clinical Lead. She trained at Emory University in Atlanta.  She is…

Vonda Moorman, RDCS, RVT

Vonda Moorman is the Lead Cardiac Sonographer.

Elaine Moronta, MA

Elaine Moronta is a PREventClinic Cardiology Medical Assistant.

Diana Castillo, MA

Diana is the Lead Medical Assistant across PREventClinic enterprise.